Friday, 8 April 2011

Call on governments worldwide to support the Home Alone campaign

 Anti-Slavery International's Home Alone: End Domestic Slavery campaign is gearing up for its most crucial time - the International Labour Conference in Geneva in June - where governments will vote as to whether a new international measure on domestic work will be created or not.

Domestic workers are often seen as home 'help' rather than a legitimate workforce meaning that they are often treated differently to all other workers who enjoy protection under the law, making them more vulnerable to exploitation and slavery. The new domestic work Convention would require countries around the world to change their laws to include domestic workers.

We need to ensure that all governments around the world throw their weight behind the convention. Whilst many have voiced strong support for a Convention, many still do not support a Convention or remain unsure.

Please ACT NOW and write to your Government to urge them to protect domestic workers everywhere.

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