Friday, 3 June 2011

Update from Kalayaan's Community Advocate Kate Roberts

Coming back to Kalayaan on Tuesday after a long weekend was busy. As well as legal advice and general assistance and enquiries, many of the people who come in at the start of the week are looking for jobs.

While Kalayaan condemns exploitative domestic employment and recognises that domestic workers, particularly those who are migrants and so less likely to have support networks in the UK, are particularly vulnerable to abuse, we are also very clear that many domestic workers move on to properly paid jobs where they are respected.

One of the main services asked of us by our service users, migrant domestic workers, is help finding a job. For this reason we do offer a facility where potential employers can go onto our website, read a brief summary of employers’ responsibilities and then fill out a form describing their job, which we will advertise in Kalayaan as long as the described conditions of work comply with UK employment law.

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