Thursday, 17 February 2011

A domestic worker's dilemma - forced into finding a new job

This morning I saw a different lady in an advice session. She considers her job to be okay, in spite of very long hours, for which she is paid below the National Minimum Wage. However she is very worried as her visa expires in a month and her employer seems very hesitant to supply the supporting evidence she needs in order to demonstrate to the Home Office that she is in full time employment. 

They have never said that they won’t provide the required papers but haven’t done so to date and she is becoming increasingly concerned as the expiry date for her visa gets nearer and nearer, and her negotiating power becomes weaker. 

She feels forced into looking for a new job but with so little time left on her visa she would be very lucky to find a job anywhere else, and for a new employer to support a visa renewal application in the first few days of her employment. Her case is unfortunately not unusual. We often find that employers really use the worker’s need for supporting evidence to the Home Office to threaten workers or to force them to accept working conditions which they would otherwise not choose to agree to.

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