Thursday, 3 February 2011

Phone call from a migrant domestic worker

One message in particular was very concerning. It was from a MDW who spoke little English making it hard to understand her message. She has called before, asking for help, always in a whisper as she is worried her employer will overhear.

One problem is because of her limited English and the rushed nature of the phone calls we have been unable to take her correct phone number. In the past when she has phoned we have had someone in the centre who can speak her language. 

We have understood from these conversations that she has not been paid for months, desperately needs to send money to her children, is working 16 hour + days, is very, very scared of her employer, knows no one in the UK and does not have her own passport. We have been encouraging her to leave and she wants to do so but is very scared. 

We spent some time trying combinations of the number she has left but cannot get through. 

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