Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Cecilia's experience - taken to Kalayaan

The next day they took me to lots of different offices on lots of buses, I couldn’t believe how far we travelled and how busy everything was.

I was so confused and knew I would never find my way by myself. I think the people in the offices were trying to help but we often had to wait a long time. Lots of other people were waiting who also wanted help. After a few days they took me to a place called Kalayaan. In their offices were many other ladies who also worked in people’s houses.

As I was waiting outside I spoke to some of the ladies in my language who told me not to worry, that Kalayaan would look at my visa and everything would be okay. I was very happy I had managed to take my passport with me. However when we were seen and the lady looked in my passport I knew from her face that something was wrong.

To protect the confidentiality of individual domestic workers who come to Kalayaan, Cecilia’s story is made up of a composite of real case studies.

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